Sundance Solarium 850 Series


*  Sundance Solariums are equipped with controls for fan speed, timed shut off, infrared heat, and optional UV therapy.

*   All Sundance Solariums are fitted with Low Glare Infrared Lamps to reduce brightness on your horse's eyesight.

All Sundance Solariums are equiped with super quiet fans, which direct warm air on your horse while eliminating the stress caused by loud blowers. 

 *  Optional UV- Ultra violet lighting available for additional charge- call 770-558-1679 for more information.

 *   Improve muscle suppleness before exercise, reducing warm-up time and eliminates the risk of injury 

*   Help improve blood circulation and cellular metabolism 

*   Heat therapy assists recovery to any injury

*   Help reduce stiffness after workout and promotes relaxation and recovery 

*   Improve general health and well-being of your horse and pony 

*   Infrared bulbs heat penetration is a great source of Vitamin D which is an essential vitamin for healthy skin and muscle development, which horses get from sunshine and is often lacked in the winter months. 

*   Helps dry off your horse or pony after workout, washing or swimming 

*  Reduces the risk of a cold/stiff back

Information concerning shipping of your solarium: Due to Solarium size, your order will require truck freight. We have pre-negotiated highly discounted freight rates to save you on your delivery. Call for your quote. 

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